How can I find a writer for my blog? I see the value in publishing fresh content, but how do I find a good freelance writer?

The first thing to do when these questions come to mind is to take a deep breath and realize that a lot of good help is out there. You’re already ahead of the curve because you understand the reasons why your business should have a blog, and why you should be consistent with it.

I know that it’s really easy to underestimate the work it takes to create a valuable blog that’s optimized and relevant. You may already have a plan, but you need someone to help you execute it. I got your back.

I just need help to find a writer for my blog! Here are tons of tips and ideas for finding the best freelance writer to take your blog to the next level. #hiring #freelance #blogger

I Need to Find a Writer for My Blog

Well, you caught me ⁠— I’m a freelance writer, so you’ve already found a writer for your blog. But just in case you need to expand your search, here are some tips.

Finding Freelance Writers

You don’t have to hire an expert in your niche. A good freelance writer is also a good researcher who can adapt their writing style to any topic. Here are a few wonderful places to find professional freelance writers.

Blogs In Your Industry

You probably already read several blogs related to your industry. When you read an article you enjoy, take a look at that byline and contact the author. Pass along your compliments and ask if there’s an opening in his/her schedule to write for you.


I’m begging you, before you hop on a freelancing platform to find a writer, network with your existing connections. If you don’t know any freelance writers, don’t worry. LinkedIn is all about looking for those 2nd and 3rd level connections to help you find the right people.

Try going to LinkedIn and type “Freelance Writer” in the search bar, choosing “in People” before you hit search. LinkedIn will show you your connections, up to 3rd level, who have Freelance Writer in their title.

Chances are you already know a writer or someone in your professional circle does. But also…remember, you now know me.

Post a Job

You can go the more direct route by posting your freelance writing job on a board that’ll draw in some great candidates. My recommended boards are:

  1. Problogger Job Board
  2. BloggingPro Job Board
  3. All Freelance Writing Job Board
  4. Contena Writing Jobs

Take a look and choose one or two to feature your job opportunity. They are all great, and frequented by writing professionals. You can, of course, specify who you’re looking for and details upfront. Freelance writers are a smart group (of course) so you’re sure to get a few good applicants.

Hire a Content Writer

When you’re reviewing applicants or comparing the freelance writers that you’ve found, here are some things to consider.

I made a decision to write for my readers, not to try to find more readers for my writing.

Seth Godin

Experienced Bloggers

You do want your blogger to be experienced, but it’s ok if that experience is on a personal blog or with guest posts. Everyone starts somewhere, and a lack of pro writing experience doesn’t mean a lack of expertise. It does mean, however, an enthusiastic freelancer.

Writing Samples

Of course, your potential freelancer should have a couple of writing samples to send you. Look for writing that’s

  • captivating and interesting,
  • informative or entertaining,
  • helpful and valuable,
  • broken up with subheads, lists, photos, relevant links, and/or quotes, and
  • free of typos and misspellings.

These are signs of a savvy blogger who understands the importance of keeping readers on your site, providing valuable information, white space, and SEO. You want to make sure your freelancer understands the basics of English and loves to write.

How to Get Contributors for Your Blog

If you aren’t ready to hire a freelance writer, you can look for bloggers who will write a post for you for free. This is a great way not only for a freelance writer to expand his or her portfolio, but for you to feature some wonderful content. You may even be able to “audition” a paying gig this way.

To get started, create a Write for Us page and detail your requirements for a guest post. You’ll need to communicate a lot here, but your writers should be able to provide what you’re looking for. A good example is the contributor’s guidelines page at

If you’d like to have a place for freelance bloggers to know how to pitch to you, you’ll need a Writer’s Guidelines page. This is more appropriate for a large company or a reputable online magazine. To see an example of this, check out the writer’s guidelines at

Do I Need a Pro to Write My Blog?

No, you don’t. You’re an expert in your niche and completely able to write authoritatively on your topic.

But (and you knew that was coming, didn’t you?) if you don’t understand writing for the web, don’t want to learn about SEO, or don’t enjoy blogging, doing it yourself is a mistake.

A well-written post that isn’t optimized for search engines will get buried in search results. On the other side of the coin, poorly written posts, even if they have perfect SEO, are much better off never seeing the light of a customer’s screen.

While you can hire an SEO writer to rewrite your existing content, it’s better to utilize the expertise of a pro freelance blogger from the beginning. Remember that it’s important not only to have a blog in the first place, but to have a blog that isn’t a detriment to your company.

Find a Writer for My Blog

I hope you found some great resources, and a new contact named Laura, to help make your blog a roaring success. You have the option of looking for guest bloggers or hiring a freelance writer to help you out. Either way, finding a great freelancer within your budget is a very attainable goal.


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